Eco-friendly florist in Ingatestone & Brentwood.

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Inspired by nature and looking after nature.

At Helen Sheard Floral Designs my mission is to widen customer awareness of eco-friendly floral designs.

Caring for our planet is crucial for everyone’s wellbeing, especially for future generations. We all need to consider the products we are using in our everyday life and how we dispose of them when we have finished using them. Even seemingly small actions we take towards this goal can make a significant difference cumulatively over a short period of time. Floristry is no exception !

My aim and passion is to create eco-friendly floral designs. I am passionate about caring for the environment and looking at ways of reducing plastic and other waste that goes into landfill or the oceans.

Where available, I like to provide customers with the option of seasonal British-grown flowers to reduce the carbon footprint of the floral materials used.


Alternative mechanics to floral foam

The 'mechanics' are the base on which a design is created. I avoid using traditional non-compostable floral foam, as it is a single use product derived from plastic, which breaks down into micro-plastics. I use alternative methods, for example containers with chicken wire frameworks, which can be recycled and used many times, or materials that can be composted, for example branches, moss etc. In addition, new products are becoming more widely available which retain the flexibility of traditional floral foam, but represent an eco-friendly alternative. These are made from natural degradeable and/or rapidly renewable materials.

Gift wrapping

If gift wrapping is required, I only use compostable products for example jute mesh fabric, hessian fabric wrap, craft paper, eco wraps, and compostable clingfilm. All are tied with jute string, no cellophane or plastic ribbon is used.


Hand tieds

My hand tieds are delivered in water using glass vases or 'Kilner' style jars, all of which can be reused, recycled or returned

  • Reused – with flowers of your choice, or the jar can be used for storage
  • Recycled - taken to a charity shop, or put into glass recycling
  • Returned - to me at HSFD for refilling or to be used again for another customer.

Funeral and sympathy flowers

I look at alternative methods of creating tributes without using floral foam. A range of innovative designs can be created using sustainably gathered moss, natural alternatives to floral foam, compostable or reusable trays, chicken wire and wooden reusable stands for letters.


Archway and venue decorations

All the mechanics of my designs are made using hired and recyclable frameworks. I also have a variety of attractive containers and lanterns which can be hired.


I recycle or compost all my green waste. Carboard boxes and buckets get returned to the wholesaler to be reused. General cardboard is recycled. I only buy materials to fulfill order requirements, so avoid the wastage that can occur filling a shop display. Flowers left at the end of a wedding or event are gifted to the community for their enjoyment.



Helen was extremely patient and understanding with our challenging requirements- plastic free supports and locally sourced plant material in February! She produced a wonderful naturalistic display which several people commented was a true representation of our mother and her love of plants and the natural world. I can’t recommend her enough. 

Helen Cheetham

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