Considering the envirvonment and how we look after our planet is very important for everyone’s wellbeing, especially for future generations. We all need to consider the products we are using in our everyday life and how we are disposing of them when we have finished using them. Even seemingly small actions we take towards this goal cumulatively make a significant difference over a short period of time.

Traditional floral foam (for example, ‘Oasis’) is commonly used because of its flexiblity for realising floral designs, but also has an environmental impact because it is not bio-degrabable and uses chemicals which pollute the environment. Florists can arrange flowers and foliages without using traditional floral foam by using alternative materials for the structure, hereby reducing the amount of chemicals and waste that would otherwise go into a landfill. There are many attractive styles of arrangement that can realised using alternative materials and I am always keen to discuss ideas with customers.

In my workshop studio all green waste is composted, with cardboard, paper and plastics being recycled. I am reducing the amount of floral foam and plastic cellophane wrapping used in my designs.

Environmental designs can be created for every day occasions, weddings, celebrations, receptions, events, funerals and sympathy designs.

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